Sunday, November 30, 2008


and I'm half-satisfied.  I was able to take care of the first minute of my slideshow and trim down the fat.  i tried at first working the sound as the backbone and then adding picture, but the pictures were moving too quickly.  So, I let it run silent while I laid down the photos and then just watched, thinking about where to put the sound.  It worked far better, and it made much better visual sense than what I had before.
I'm having some kind of issues with the decks in the 24-hour media lab on campus, so I'm going to return tomorrow to my old friends at 35 Washington Place, the guys who taught me ProTools.
It's almost scary how quickly I felt I had forgotten the little ins and outs of Final Cut, but they came back within a few minutes of work.  It's kind of the same way with ice skating or dancing: you've learned the moves before, but it takes a couple of numbers before I'm in the groove.
This third piece's topic has daunted me, but I think it's really about the shift of the folk scene from Manhattan towards Brooklyn, and the impact that's having.  I was originally having it just be a survey of venues which could be nice in its own way, but is more of a tour guide than a story.
At least the footage I collected from Joe's Pub can be useful on its own as a separate clip, and I've gotten to see the insides of some great clubs as a result.
Tomorrow, the Cornelia Street Cafe and back to Sidewalk to film their open mic night...

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