Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lucky Tuesday

Last night, I managed to get to Banjo Jim's just in time to see Austin McCutchen do his acoustic set. It's good because I had no b-roll to go over his footage. Not to mention that Banjo Jim's was just a fun little spot. I didn't expect that it'd be as small as it was, but it made for a more intimate get-together, no real stage, just a small aisle between the audience and the performers. I liked it.
Afterwards, I was waiting on the L line and met "Freedom Tickler," a folk band with a bluegrass edge that sounded like they'd come straight out of Arkansas. They were busking, trying to get some cash through the music while working other jobs. The sound of their hooting among the construction workers and the late-night Manhattanite crowd was jarring: I hope it translates in the shots I got.
Off to editing tonight. Thankfully, I also got some help podcasting yesterday, so I should be able to have the rough cut and the podcast for Friday.

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