Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An easy one

The photo slideshow came out easily today. I thank the Lord for giving me the forethought and the discipline to have logged every one of those photos and audio clips from the Williamsburg Songwriters' Competition the day after it happened. It made for a quick editing session today, and besides a couple of flourishes that I might or might not use, it's all done.

I finished my research for video 3 and all my shooting on Monday, and now it seems I may have too much for a 3 minute piece. We'll see how it pans out: I'm glad that what was initially a rather flimsy series of snapshots of clubs with commentary by their owners is now a bit more of a commentary on the movement of New York's folk scene out of the Village and into points east.

I also feel that as I've been doing these interviews, I've been getting faster and faster at setting up, judging light, finding good camera angles, and getting into the conversation more easily. My last interview on Monday with the owner of the Cornelia Street Cafe, Robin Hirsch, was one of the most satisfying, partially because of this confidence. More importantly, Robin was eloquent, humble and open to talking about the grim prospects for the club and the decline of the Village. I'm glad I found him.

Alright, to bed now, to work tomorrow!

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